I freaked out before the heavy workload I am going to take… Well..

It took me 5 days to create and customize this portfolio website and hung it up online. It’s longer than I’m expected. I researched a few on the market, at the same time reaching out to the jewelry shop in Hanoi for future partnership.

How long will it be for the real project and the app development..!!? 🙁

I’ve done several kinds of research in UK market:

A. UK market: (Statista)

B. World Competitors:

  • CaratLane: CaratLaneVirtualTryOn (https://www.caratlane.com/virtual-try-on/)
  • QUYTECH: Virtual Jewelry Try-on Solution (https://www.quytech.com/augmented-reality-solutions/virtual-jewelry-try-on-solution.php)
  • LOLOGEM: Lologem’s Virtual Jewelry Try-on Service (https://medium.com/@hyprsense/lologems-virtual-jewelry-try-on-service-b339c17a3a4b)
  • Diamond hedge: https://www.diamondhedge.com/
  • Tryon Technology: Augmented Reality for Jewelry (https://tryon.jewelry/main?fbclid=IwAR3eWpBsZXfzE1SpIlrnWkVeKANuF_eehh-jMkPecQypIkjGo3bDYT0Uz9Q)



Unlike other students who started their work at early June, I started at late July because of my personal circumstance: I’m getting married while doing my personal project at the same time.

My pre-wedding day happened on 28 June and because of COVID situation and this new distraction, I completely went off the track for the whole month (June, I mean).

However, thank to this brand new experience, I came up with an amusing idea: RingOn – An AR app allows users to try jewellery on their hand.

The idea is cheerfully approved by my supervisor, he also commented that this brought great potential into the future.

Hello, this is my first blog post on this website.

Finally, I successfully hung this website up whilst busily preparing for my wedding day.  My most heavy goal in August is to complete my final major project for my master’s program at the University of Westminster, London.

I created this blog in order to share my journey on what I have learned through the Master Program in the UK, or what I am learning from personal interests. I am well aware what I am writing here is just a drop in the ocean, and I’m humbled to see how small I am.

But as elders say, just do it and it’s better early than late.

So well, hope you can support me on my crazily 30-day final major project.

Ps: I feel stressed already