After getting familiar with the Blender UI and several key sections, all you need to do is follow this video:

I admire Shading Node Editor of Blender, what a charming visual coding languge

Below is my result, feel free to check out:

Gold Blender:

My final result of the diamond ring:

Hello, before going into details, I would love to attach this image here I find it’s so helpful for the beginner, including the link and credit toward Blender Guru (of course):

This picture is an amazing illustration for a complete beginner to aware of their future journey to become an expert. And I strongly recommend you guys check out this guy: Blender Guru. His tutorial is easy to understand and concise.

Well again, this video below is PERFECT tutorial for Blender Beginner to get used to the interface and so on:

At the end of the video this guy will show you how to create a monkey on fire as well, which is hella cool. Below is my result:

Now, before getting to make my frigging diamond ring, I need to understand the Blender interface first. This is what I have walked through in order to getting familiar with the UI before modelling my damn diamond:

I. Some common hot keys to memorise:

Shift A: Add Mesh

X: Delete

Tab: Object Mode => Control + Tab: Selection Mode

W: Edge context menu

G: Move

Shift + middle mouse: Move

More check out at here:

II. How to switch view (Watch the videooo) and switch type of selection:

III. Understand several modelling tools: Loop Cut, ..etc

III. How to open Circle Rendering, How to open Shading Editor: