Since I’m not really good at code, an alternative way to go around lots-of-scripting for my project is using plugins. Below are some handful of plugins that I found to develop my RingOn project:

1. Access devise’s camera/ phone/ GPS/ location/ email..: 

NATIVE TOOLKIT native-plugin


This plugin worked well except for the camera, it conflicts with my vuforia camera so I have to set up another plugin. Anyway I strongly recommend using this  plugin, it’s super easy to use, they wrote all the code and even a Scene example. All you have to do is drag and drop.

2. Capture Photo and save to phone gallery: CaptureAndSave Plugin

Follow the tutorial to do the capture and save.

3. Realtime inapp render machine: SHADER GRAPH UNITY (Only available in Beta version, hence I downloaded beta version to try it out)

In order to try out this rendering built in Unity, I looked up for the installment tutorial:

Hi there, so I’m at the stage of developing my project.

I’m planning to try out Bolt as my friend’s recommendations, which is visual scripting for Unity. I came from a design background and in my personal opinion, I’m more a visual person than coding type. Hope this beautiful tool could help my life easier: 

bolt_unity_visual scripting
bolt_unity_visual scripting

You can download it here from Unity Asset store, it’s totally free:

Today I’m going to review about this tool. This is my first time trying anyway. After download it from the Unity asset store, I imported it to my project, you can se the picture above.

I’m setting up successful thank to this tutorial:

After done setting up, you will see the manual: Unity Manual:

And then I tried to do a bit of tutorial example to get familiar with the Bold user interface work flow:

Sadly enough, I keep encountering this error: Bolt – (Mac) Cannot open two instances of the fuzzy window at once.

After doing some more research on how to fix it, the result I got is rather a boomer:

WE CANNOT USE BOLT IN MACBOOK yet (for version 2020.xx).

Bolt confirm it works on these version and not working on the rest:

Reproducible with: 2020.1.0a21, 2020.1.0b15, 2020.2.0a17 (1.4.12)


Also, you can refer to this link to see that’s you’re not the only one:

Status update 27 August: Still not fix this error yet. Technically you cannot use Bolt in Mac version 2020+. Urg…