I have done on the UX research to start building wireframes for my product. I kinda figure out how it would look like

At the same time, I was looking around to see how would I develop the technology part.

My original ideas that it would work smoothly as this:

I tried several tutorials online and figure out hand recognition function, however, it doesn’t work as fast as required. It can only detect the hand if the hand stays still. It is quite lame though. Pictures below:


In this pressure time, I come up with 2 options to resolve this:

  • I need to adjust my design, guide users slowly slowly
  • Or I have to find a way to optimize the process

Well I think I will go safe by the first option, at the same time I talked to my friend in AI field, asking for some advice and guidance. His explanation is pretty hard to digest so I decided to ignore this and go on with the first solution.


After getting familiar with the Blender UI and several key sections, all you need to do is follow this video:

I admire Shading Node Editor of Blender, what a charming visual coding languge

Below is my result, feel free to check out:

Gold Blender:

My final result of the diamond ring:

All i need to build is a simple diamond ring. Zbrush has failed me significantly because of its complicated UX and its limits on the render feature. For modelling a simple object, including renders and animation, Blender excelled as all-in-one app with friendly interface.

I am happily replacing Zbrush by Blender for my 3D model. To be exact, it’s because of this life-saving video: (exactly what I am looking for)

I did a bit of intense reading on other thesis and find this thesis is hella heavy.

What takes me so long for my thesis structure, which already has the overall structure given by my teachers?

Well, it’s the details. It’s how details I should put for RingOn project. Under my husband’s guidance, who is a PHD candidate and has got his full PHD scholarship, I have to break down my big picture into each section details.

I estimate my wordcount, anticipate the flow, plan the exact number of surveys and interviews I need or else I would have time wasted. Under great pressure, I can only be grateful for his guidance. Below are some of my snapshot:

I freaked out before the heavy workload I am going to take… Well..

It took me 5 days to create and customize this portfolio website and hung it up online. It’s longer than I’m expected. I researched a few on the market, at the same time reaching out to the jewelry shop in Hanoi for future partnership.

How long will it be for the real project and the app development..!!? 🙁

Unlike other students who started their work at early June, I started at late July because of my personal circumstance: I’m getting married while doing my personal project at the same time.

My pre-wedding day happened on 28 June and because of COVID situation and this new distraction, I completely went off the track for the whole month (June, I mean).

However, thank to this brand new experience, I came up with an amusing idea: RingOn – An AR app allows users to try jewellery on their hand.

The idea is cheerfully approved by my supervisor, he also commented that this brought great potential into the future.