Since I’m not really good at code, an alternative way to go around lots-of-scripting for my project is using plugins. Below are some handful of plugins that I found to develop my RingOn project:

1. Access devise’s camera/ phone/ GPS/ location/ email..: 

NATIVE TOOLKIT native-plugin


This plugin worked well except for the camera, it conflicts with my vuforia camera so I have to set up another plugin. Anyway I strongly recommend using this  plugin, it’s super easy to use, they wrote all the code and even a Scene example. All you have to do is drag and drop.

2. Capture Photo and save to phone gallery: CaptureAndSave Plugin

Follow the tutorial to do the capture and save.

3. Realtime inapp render machine: SHADER GRAPH UNITY (Only available in Beta version, hence I downloaded beta version to try it out)

In order to try out this rendering built in Unity, I looked up for the installment tutorial: