After getting familiar with the Blender UI and several key sections, all you need to do is follow this video:

I admire Shading Node Editor of Blender, what a charming visual coding languge

Below is my result, feel free to check out:

Gold Blender:

My final result of the diamond ring:

Hello, before going into details, I would love to attach this image here I find it’s so helpful for the beginner, including the link and credit toward Blender Guru (of course):

This picture is an amazing illustration for a complete beginner to aware of their future journey to become an expert. And I strongly recommend you guys check out this guy: Blender Guru. His tutorial is easy to understand and concise.

Well again, this video below is PERFECT tutorial for Blender Beginner to get used to the interface and so on:

At the end of the video this guy will show you how to create a monkey on fire as well, which is hella cool. Below is my result:

Now, before getting to make my frigging diamond ring, I need to understand the Blender interface first. This is what I have walked through in order to getting familiar with the UI before modelling my damn diamond:

I. Some common hot keys to memorise:

Shift A: Add Mesh

X: Delete

Tab: Object Mode => Control + Tab: Selection Mode

W: Edge context menu

G: Move

Shift + middle mouse: Move

More check out at here:

II. How to switch view (Watch the videooo) and switch type of selection:

III. Understand several modelling tools: Loop Cut, ..etc

III. How to open Circle Rendering, How to open Shading Editor:

Disclaimer: I don’t work for any studio or any monetizing organization. I’m currently getting married and happen to get deeply involved with my wedding album editing.

– Why don’t you hire a studio or some professional to do the wedding album for you? Why all the hard work? – Some may asked.

Well, I did.

The studio I hired did an amazing job in make-up, preparation, and photographing our visual fantasy. However, not at the editing part. Mostly because I’m a designer and I have a high taste of putting everything together. Given a clear concept in mind, I requested to support the editing department, which they gladly approved.

In return, I learned their process, put in my pocket some of the handful of tools for editing a wedding album. I would love to note down and share all the tools I learn here:


Step 1: Photography 

This is where we were going out with the makeup team and photography team.

Make-up artist did my makeup for every concept, and the photographer would fixing our posing and gestures for each shot. I love this team their professionalism.

It took us 1 full day for 6 concepts, starting from 11 am until 9 pm.


Step 2: Choosing the best shots

Tool: Well just pick the best ones for the final outcome.


Step 3: Beautify those shots

In this step, the studio’s designer used lightroom to apply their template preset in most pictures, while I used photoshop for higher expectation shots, especially in levitating ones.

Tool: Lightroom + Photoshop


Step 4: Putting everything together in album layout

Well, this stage offers new lessons for me. The studio in Vietnam uses a specialized tool for album layout, named Pixellu Smart Album 2. This one is extremely easy to use and fast to edit the layout. They have different available templates layout you just need to pick from.

One gigantic drawback is this tool is for layout only. If you want to add more cool texts or just a brief introduction, this tool is not available for the task. You have to do it on Photoshop in the next stage.

Tool: Pixelly Smart Album 2

Step 5: Add Text at last

After exporting every page for printing. I added more texts into the results by Photoshop.

I find this last step is old-fashioned however that all we have got. I wonder what big studio would do.

Tool: Photoshop

Step 6: Print 

At this stage, another print shop would handle the printing and other works relate to it.

When we receive the package we just extremely happy with our work.

Here are some of my result, please have a look