Since I’m not really good at code, an alternative way to go around lots-of-scripting for my project is using plugins. Below are some handful of plugins that I found to develop my RingOn project:

1. Access devise’s camera/ phone/ GPS/ location/ email..: 

NATIVE TOOLKIT native-plugin


This plugin worked well except for the camera, it conflicts with my vuforia camera so I have to set up another plugin. Anyway I strongly recommend using this  plugin, it’s super easy to use, they wrote all the code and even a Scene example. All you have to do is drag and drop.

2. Capture Photo and save to phone gallery: CaptureAndSave Plugin

Follow the tutorial to do the capture and save.

3. Realtime inapp render machine: SHADER GRAPH UNITY (Only available in Beta version, hence I downloaded beta version to try it out)

In order to try out this rendering built in Unity, I looked up for the installment tutorial:

Hi there, so I’m at the stage of developing my project.

I’m planning to try out Bolt as my friend’s recommendations, which is visual scripting for Unity. I came from a design background and in my personal opinion, I’m more a visual person than coding type. Hope this beautiful tool could help my life easier: 

bolt_unity_visual scripting
bolt_unity_visual scripting

You can download it here from Unity Asset store, it’s totally free:

Today I’m going to review about this tool. This is my first time trying anyway. After download it from the Unity asset store, I imported it to my project, you can se the picture above.

I’m setting up successful thank to this tutorial:

After done setting up, you will see the manual: Unity Manual:

And then I tried to do a bit of tutorial example to get familiar with the Bold user interface work flow:

Sadly enough, I keep encountering this error: Bolt – (Mac) Cannot open two instances of the fuzzy window at once.

After doing some more research on how to fix it, the result I got is rather a boomer:

WE CANNOT USE BOLT IN MACBOOK yet (for version 2020.xx).

Bolt confirm it works on these version and not working on the rest:

Reproducible with: 2020.1.0a21, 2020.1.0b15, 2020.2.0a17 (1.4.12)


Also, you can refer to this link to see that’s you’re not the only one:

Status update 27 August: Still not fix this error yet. Technically you cannot use Bolt in Mac version 2020+. Urg…

I have done on the UX research to start building wireframes for my product. I kinda figure out how it would look like

At the same time, I was looking around to see how would I develop the technology part.

My original ideas that it would work smoothly as this:

I tried several tutorials online and figure out hand recognition function, however, it doesn’t work as fast as required. It can only detect the hand if the hand stays still. It is quite lame though. Pictures below:


In this pressure time, I come up with 2 options to resolve this:

  • I need to adjust my design, guide users slowly slowly
  • Or I have to find a way to optimize the process

Well I think I will go safe by the first option, at the same time I talked to my friend in AI field, asking for some advice and guidance. His explanation is pretty hard to digest so I decided to ignore this and go on with the first solution.